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PIB: What Happens To Casual OIL AND GAS Worker?

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August 6 2021 Olaitan Olutimehin

The boom in energy production has created a labor shortage, yet corporations have used employees who aren’t employees – and often not even contractors – to avoid giving them benefits or job security.

Oil companies have misclassified employees as non-employees and contract workers to avoid paying benefits.

Contractor labor has been used to save time and money and create a flexible workforce. For example, when oil prices are high, drillers rely heavily on contractors to meet their needs for personnel; when prices are low, they need fewer workers. In the most recent downturn, almost every company cut contracts sharply due to a fall in drilling activity and an overall negative market outlook.

Stop the trend of increasing casualization of oil and gas workers. There is no such thing as a wage slave, because all workers have equal right no matter his or her tribe and religion. Everyone is entitled to a fair wage and we all have equal rights to our father’s land.

The government should make it illegal to employ workers on a casual basis. Particularly oil and gas workers

There is a need to track and monitor the workforce to ensure that no one is victimized because of their color, religion or ethnic background.

All workers should be treated as citizens and not like pawns in a game, and the government should criminalize the use of casual labor.

All employees deserve to be treated with dignity, no matter what their job, so employers should take measures to protect that.

Please tell us your experience with casual workers at your workplace.

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